Who Am I..

Ever wondered why people surrounding you don’t have the same thinking pattern as yours..? Sitting at your desk, glancing at your laptop,PC from the comforts of the AC fueled cabin you tend to wander into your life’s past,present and future and slip into trance. So many thoughts weave in and out in the walled alleys of your mind. Mixed emotions bubble up. You have so much to say but are so esoteric by nature that cannot be shared with anyone. You know for sure that people will not understand it or will not take it seriously. And you fear these thoughts will go up in flames which actually are so true in life. Then you jot down these things in a journal or your personal dairy. That’s it. If you are doing so you are a Quotemeister. Just because you are not famous these are not quotable anywhere.

Now here you will see yourself. This blog will have those thoughts straight out of your mind. Your life will just replicate in words and writings.

Creativity and realism are so interrelated. What if these two are intertwined..? A magical spell. This is what this blog is all about.

A heady mix of everything. All that we go through at various stages of life. From Love, Romance, Relationship, Infidelity, Betrayal, Marriage, Lust, Sex.. to Wisdom oozing, Inspirational, Motivational  quotes.. to Poetic marvels, Hindi couplets, Short stories, Articles..to Politics, Bollywood and many more. In a nutshell, you will live the life that you always knew but never dared to live.

A collection of many things but one platform. Read, Think, Smile, Laugh, Cry, Weep, Revel and most importantly enjoy the comedy of errors in life’s journey that we all are inadvertently part of.

We are building up. Help us to grow and we won’t disappoint you. The more we grow the deeper you will know yourself.

In an age where time is itself begging for some time to live its time, we won’t eat into your time… It is our promise.